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The best part? Things are flowing so easily. There's a peacefulness in the air, so make time for your spiritual practice between date night and all that partying, because the spiritual connection you feel at this time runs deep.

Aries Monthly Horoscope

Jupiter ends its retrograde on August 11, creating an atmosphere of expansion and curiosity—exciting travels are on the horizon! Also on August 11, Mercury enters Leo and Uranus begins its retrograde, bringing you plenty of party invitations and love letters, but finding you dealing with unexpected issues in your finances. Uranus retrograde is a great time to read up on finances, especially the aspects that inspire yet confuse you like investing or cryptocurrency!

A magical moment arrives as the sun and Venus meet in Leo on August It's the start of a new cycle in creativity, celebration, and romance. Life is hard A powerful time for release comes with the full moon in Aquarius on August 15—some dreams have come true, but not everything has worked out as you planned, and maybe that's a good thing!

You're letting go of some ideals you might have held too long, and you're releasing friendships or hobbies that no longer serve you. This full moon may also kick up some drama in your social life, but tap into Aquarius's cool, detached energy to help you stay logical and fair about it all. Unexpected news arrives as Mercury in Leo clashes with Uranus on August 16, especially when it comes to money—however, an epiphany may also dawn. Stay open-minded! Mercury is all about information and details, and as it connects with wildcard Uranus, staying flexible is the best you can do.

aries Horoscope

Virgo season starts on August 23, but you'll feel the change in energy early as your ruling planet Mars and Venus enter Virgo on August 18 and 21, respectively. Virgo season is all about getting organized, focusing on personal wellness and self care, and getting your to-do lists handled—and Mars in Virgo will bring you the stamina you need to get things done!

Venus in Virgo finds you running into cuties as you do your errands, and will inspire you to beautify your work space and create more harmony in your daily schedule. Virgo has a grounded, down-to-earth energy. This is a wonderful time to connect with nature and your physical senses. You're usually very busy during Virgo season, but balance is important—this is a wonderful time to gift yourself a spa treatment.

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Great news comes your way as Mercury connects with Jupiter on August 21! People are in an excited mood, so some exaggerations may take place, but, they're well meaning. This is a fantastic time to connect with people and brainstorm ideas.

A productive and creative new journey begins in your life as Venus and Mars meet in Virgo on August Fantasies among friends can be realised in startling ways. Your fire will be blown into life! Get down to the club and chat about your hopes and dreams. There could be some great ideas from your buddies and someone special may decide to get closer to your flame! Go quietly from Wednesday night and recharge your spiritual batteries by spending time doing what you want to do with Venus in Scorpio. Have you a secret imaginary friend at work or school?

Why not make the fantasy a reality, with some secret signals.

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Concealed responsibilities demand attention, but once they are out of the way you can enjoy a hot weekend! The emotional quotient is high and feelings rise to the surface. Your personal chutzpah is peaking. Close relations are in the frame and healing sex might have surprising consequences. The dollars will get rolling on Sunday night so spend some time cuddling up to that cute accounts clerk.

The first half of the week is full of discussions concerning your hopes and dreams. You might also receive good news on the career front, or at least receive some hot sex from your love, who is burning with desire. Thursday and Friday turn a shade of blue, so snuggling with your love should be encouraged even if little jobs keep raising their heads and occupying his or her mind.

Personality Traits of Aries

The weekend looks good for cuisine and social engagements. Why not get out and mingle, followed by a night of talking about it… then doing it! Your love may be feeling a little edgy, but a dose of what brought you together in the first place should do the trick. It is definitely good for the Ram at the start, as the Scorpio Moon awakens an uncharacteristic interest in the deeper and seamier side of life.

Daily Horoscopes

Get cracking on your occult speculations. How about a vampire costume in the love nest..? Travel and dealings with foreigners are in the frame midweek, so keep your aerials tuned for a stunning stranger.

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Study, overseas links or travel will open doors or help you build on your plans for the future. Look for the advice that comes from experience. Someone may suggest a new road altogether, possibly a more spiritual one. On Thursday as Mars heads into Libra your seventh house of marriage, keep your eyes open for an attractive foreigner, or a stylish older prospect. Maybe someone of a different religion or culture to your own? Excitement on the weekend will pass as quickly as it comes, so just be patient.

If you are with a group of workmates or colleagues, romance may just magically appear. Review your strategies.

Aries May 2019- True Love/Life Partner Arrives

Consult with experts or people involved in the money business. Get away from the dull routine midweek, and enjoy a touch of something exotic with cuisine and friends.