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Those born under this sign are very rational, cautious, careful, helping, ambitious and self-reliant. Their weaknesses are pessimism, unsociable, miserly and extremely haughty. Those who are born under this Egyptian zodiac sign are mentally brilliant, imaginative and optimistic.

They are extremely jovial and talkative with people. They are witty and accommodating and their strengths lie in their hospitable character.

Sphinx is the guardian of treasure and he can change his shape as when the situation demands. They are chameleon-like and can adjust to any difficult situations. Their strengths are sternness and shrewdness accompanied by a trait of self-discipline and sensibility. They are also serious and discreet at times. They could be overtly proud, haughty and impatient in making decisions.

Shu is the god of Wind and Air. Those who belong to this sign are highly creative and ingenious. They are also extremely successful in their profession.

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Their strengths lie in the fact that they are humorous, principled and straight forwardness. Their weaknesses are hesitancy and procrastinating. People born under this sign are honorable, proud and idealistic.

They are also very logical and intuitive. People under the influence of Isis are mostly calm, generous and optimistic. Their strength lies in being active and self-reliant. Their weaknesses are extreme obsession and withdrawing, when the chips are down. Osiris is the god of the underworld. Those who take their birth under this sign are extremely perplexing and misunderstood.

Their strengths are dynamism, intelligence, smartness and enterprising.

Egyptian Zodiac Signs

Their only weakness is that they try to avoid responsibility. These people are good in teaching and selling. They are independent and natural born leaders. Those who belong to this sign are strong, firm, athletic and hard working. Their strengths are strong will power, courage, and self-confidence. They are also excellent leaders and organizers.

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Their known weaknesses are intolerance and anger. They can excel in financial related professions. Hathor is the goddess of both sky and the earth. Those people who are born under this sign are expressive, loving and caring. Their main strengths are romanticism and charm. They could be envious, jealous and hating at times. They will excel in professions like social work, show arts, painting and communication. It is the bird of life, energy and resurrection. These people use any opportunities to emerge successful in their life.

Their strengths are optimism, flexibility and caring for others. Their weaknesses include isolation, sedentary, stubborn and unrealistic. They can excel in professions like self-employment and other similar challenging jobs. Anubis is the deity of underworld. It is probably the most determined and tolerant of all signs.

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People who are born under this sign are self reliant, self-confident and ability to carry out any tasks. They are extremely sympathetic, generous, loving, affectionate and caring. Their weakness could be that people may take them for a ride at times. Anubis people are very generous, creative and generous.

Description: Nile people are very determined, passionate and peaceful people. They are leaded by their dreams and passions and bring harmony where ever they go. Their open-mindedness makes them well liked, they treat all walks of life equal and help anyone in need of a helping hand.

Description: If your Egyptian astrological sign is Mut you have a great vision and how you want to life your life. You are determined and focused on making your dreams come true. How do you think they play out? Your Saturn Osiris would be too wide. I count 2 degrees tops in a conjunction. Again, in the most improbable conditions, manages to become pregnant with him, and Creates New Life. Isis shows us the power of reaching out with a sincere, devoted heart towards what we might initially believe to be out of human reach or hope.

Nothing beats love. Love is the greatest healing power there is; nothing else comes close. Not ancient cures, modern medicines and technologies, or all the interesting books we read or the wise things we say and think. Love has a transformational power. I have it conjunct my asc!! Isis is the loyal and devoted wife.

How did ancient Egypt use astronomy?

You have the best qualities of a wife—devotion, loyalty and faithfulness. This is very lovely conj the ASC! The internet abounds with isis-osiris aspect conversations. What would your impression be of an isis-isis conjunction and an osiris-osiris conjunction? My natal Isis opposite my natal sun. Now conjunct the current north node transit. My Isis 10 cap is in conjuction with Osiris 11 cap in my 7.

His Isis 14 cap is in conjuction with Osiris 10 cap in his 9. I am scared. What is means in love relationship? Well, if you are close in time, it will be the same for everyone. How close in time years are you? Oh dear. He is 10 years younger than me. I am 50, he is I am repeating — it is imposibille. Long seeking for twin flame…and this! Well, this one aspect is not huge in context of the whole chart, Love. I would not get caught up in it. I have ISIS conj 0 deg south node… people say I have a feminine energy for a man perhaps that relates?

Virgo 2012: Virgo-Pisces. Norway’s Anders Breivik. Demeter-Isis.

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